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Double-yellow-lines-on-a-road-and-pavement-curb-2101582The Surrey’s Draft Parking Proposals for Weybridge have just been published.  The click on the link to see the list and then the maps.

Is your street included or excluded?  What are your views on the shopping bays?

Do contact me if you want any help.  The important aspect to remember is that if your street is included in a CPZ it can be removed during or after consultation.  If your street is not included it may not be added at that time.  To have your proposal added you have to get the Surrey’s draft amended at the committee by 27 June 2016.

I will be speaking at this committee and I would welcome your comments – I have been sent quite a number already.

If you want to contact the other members of the committee here are their addresses.

Councillor Party Town Email Address
Andrew Davis Liberal Democrat Weybridge
Andy Muddyman Conservative Weybridge
Ernest Mallett Molesey Party Molesey
Graham Woolgar Walton Party Walton
Malcolm Howard Conservative Walton
Margaret Hicks Conservative Hersham
Mary Lewis Conservative Cobham
Mary Sheldon Conservative Hersham
Mike Bennison Conservative Cobham
Peter Harman St George’s Hill Weybridge
Peter Hickman Dittons Party Ditton
Rachael Lake Conservative Walton
Ramon Gray Conservative Weybridge
Roy Green Hersham Party Hershame
Stuart Selleck Molesey Party Molesey
Tim  Oliver Conservative Esher
Tony Samuels Conservative Walton


4 thoughts on “Parking Review Details

  1. Thankyou for your message Andrew. I agree with Tony Davis, not to extend the proposal for junction restrictions, if SCC concerns are indeed about safety. there just seems to be no ‘joined up’ thinking being given to the parking issues. As you will know from my previous missives, it has always been my contention that introducing CPZ’s on a piecemeal basis has not resulted in any improvement to the area as a whole, but only for those residents within those zones. Moreover, spaces during the day are,frequently, underused by those residents whilst those remaining outside the zones become even more congested. so why has no rethinking, on timing for shoppers been made?

    Sadly, it is an indisputable fact that the parking ‘problem’ in this area cannot be solved but merely managed. The “partisan” approach is all well and good for those residents who have exclusive off street parking but I believe that SCC should revisit this and reconsider their position.

    I would very much like to know on what basis SCC came to their decision and would expand on Tony Davis’s question to ask, what possible justification was there to arrive at all these conclusions. I suspect this is more to do with cost effectiveness and management of the CPZ’s rather than dealing with residents real concerns.

    I wonder, does anyone on the SCC highways authority dealing with this issue actually live in Weybridge?

    Regards Andrew (MH)

  2. Hi Andrew
    Thank you for sending this through, it makes interesting reading, however, as you know we have been in contact with you regarding the narrow entrance in Fortescue Road for some time, and the fact we are desperate to have Double Yellow Lines along this short stretch. This is not mentioned in the proposals at all which is disappointing. The fact that DYL are proposed for Mayfield Road may in fact make our situation worse as traffic will move up into Fortescue Road.

  3. I disagree with the respondent above, I’m delighted Mount Pleasant and St Albans Avenue are not included in the parking restriction proposals. I’d rather there were no CPZs at all. What there should be is far more cycle lanes and pedestrianisation to get people out of their cars in the first place and increase footfall to support the local economy of trade.

  4. Andrew. I am very disappointed that Mount Pleasant is not to be included in a residents parking zone. It does not make sense to have Mount Pleasant and St Albans Avenue as the only roads between the Town Centre and Portmore Park Road that remain free of parking restrictions, when all other roads in that zone will now be covered.

    It also makes no sense to have (or propose) double yellow lines at all junctions along Portmore Park Road, but to miss out four in the middle (Mount Pleasant; Jessamy Road; Radnor Road and The Willows). You must have noticed how difficult it is to progress along PPR at present, and no parking around junctions helps enormously, and makes turning in or out safer. What can possibly be the justification for including all other junctions along this busy road, but to miss out these four?
    Is it not too late to reconsider the above matters? Regards Tony Davis

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